Saturday, July 22, 2017

Upick OPEN today Sunday July 23rd 830am to 4pm.....Better come soon. We will be picking for our roadside stands for roughly the next 5 days, as for our upick.....when customers stop coming, we will close it down so best to come early this week to avoid disappointment. We hope to be open for upick this Sat & Sun BUT check first to be sure before coming.

 Our gator is broke down so sorry, no cow train rides this weekend

CASH ONLY! Price  $1.35/lb....Bring your own bowls or containers to save buying boxes from us. Quart boxes are available for 25 cents each. For those used to picking in boxes and would rather use your own bowls to save money and the environment but aren't sure how much to get, a flat of berries (12 Boxes) weighs roughly 16-18lbs +/- depending on how high you fill your boxes!